where should i start?
well, first,
my name is igraine.
i'm a lady of the feline persuasion,
& i expect to be treated as such.
what lady wouldn't?!?
i will be telling you here my tale,
(no, not my tail...).

first of all,
there was grand 'ma linoue,
sweet girl as far as a human can be,
if a bit odd...
she rescued twiggy...
& how did twiggy repay 'ma linoue's kindness?
by getting knocked up by some tomcat
roaming in the neighborhood.
i have humble origins.
am i to be blamed for my mum being a slut?!?
i'm too young still to know such words,
& it's unbecoming of a lady.
my apologies!!

but just look at her now!!
she used to have a figure,
& now,
she's just a big blimp...
was she in for a surprise?!?

one would think she'd be expecting 3 or 4 kittens, right?
W-R-O-N-G !!!
on january 28th 2009,
7 of us came into this world.
you read correctly:
S-E-V-E-N !!!!
no wonder she looked so big!!
all this because of a one-night-stand...
that'll teach her alright!!

motherhood can be exhausting,
with so many mouths to feed,
but that's the price you pay
for behaving like this.
i'll admit:
i may be a prude,
but i just don't understand why she behaved like this.
though i should be grateful,
as this was the reason
my siblings & i
came into this world.
let's not be too harshly judgemental,
& let's just hit the buffet.
where's the food?!?
it's so crowded in here.
i guess
it's one of those places
where you need to r.s.v.p. .


Twiggy & Goliath said...

Yep, that's where it all started.

Dear dame Igraine:
* please watch your language, I did not bring you up that way.
* as far as me running around in the alley, yes I did. I needed sone adventure and that is how I met your father (could be Minou Gris, Tiger, Toffee or Ralph). I am glad I got that evening out since now mean grandma brought me to the vet, they shaved my stomach. She knows I am way to proud to hit the alley with a bare unfirm belly.

IGRAINE said...

sorry mommy,
i didn't mean to offend,
but i felt a bit disappointed
that i shall remain with the stigmata of "father unknown"...
some legacy!!
as for your figure, you're still young. you'll get back into shape in no time.
if you don't, then, it's another legacy i should be concerned with...