me & my siblings were just minding our business,
when the doorbell rang,
& 'ma linoue let in a stranger...
he must have been a friend.
they talked for a while,
but kept looking at us.
they sat on the floor
& started bugging us.
can't a cat ever get some peace around here?
but i'll admit
the man didn't pay me the most attention,
my brother jerry was foolhardy enough
to be the first to approach him.
& then,
my sister lyddie started to flirt with him as well.
what a flousie already!!!
she'll end up like her mother!!
but he had eyes only for jerry,
from the looks of it.
less hassle for me.
& look at how jerry likes to show off!!
you won't catch me ever
doing stupid pet tricks.
E-V-E-R !!

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