color me jealous!!!
this mutt went from rags to riches,
going from humble beginnings to a fabulous lifestyle,
becoming the first dog of america.
i give you:
why couldn't i achieve something like this?
not fair, i say this is not fair!!
why does it always have to be a mutt.
don't presidents ever like cats?
we have more class.
i say this is discrimination!!


Twiggy & Goliath said...

Yep...that's how it goes....

Socks, the ex-family cat that died recently, was replaced by a Dog! Now this is truly discrimination.


IGRAINE said...

it's a dog's world!!! it's all gone to the dogs since medieval times, when cats got badmouthed as evil creatures...
this sucks!!
i need an agent to run my P.R., to reverse this a.s.a.p.!!

Twiggy & Goliath said...

Igraine, think about this, the cat was revered and praised in Egypt...and egyptians has a pretty evolved thing going...must mean something

-Twiggy (in my last re-birth session I clearly saw myself in a palace)

IGRAINE said...

yeah, well, it's HISTORY all this!! we need to do something NOW!!!