the man has just created the header for my blog,
which actually got launched today.
i say
he did a fairly good job
capturing my romantic nature,
with some dark overtones...


Twiggy & Goliath said...

Since the day you were born mini-Ben, I always knew you would be special. I am not sure about your new star name though.

mama Twiggy

Twiggy & Goliath said...

I miss fighting with you at feeding time.

Goliath xxx

IGRAINE said...

@ twiggy
listen mom!
i didn't pick the name & i had no say in the matter. i just have to go with the flow. i guess i'll get used to it. must say though: there can't be that many cats named like this, now, can it?
makes me feel kinda special!!

IGRAINE said...

@ goliath:
i miss you too, though i get all of the food here now. i don't have to share anything anymore. but some feline company would be swell.
that human is alright, i guess, but felines are better company.
come over if you feel like it!
after all, this is my place too, so, feel welcomed anytime. bring mom, if you can convince her...