what is it about mondays that sucks so much?
after enjoying a few days with the man,
comes monday,
he puts on his funny blue suit,
grabs me,
gives me a few caresses,
then drop me in my bed in my room,
& closes the door,
saying "later igraine, later"...
what does it mean?
where does he go?
he never takes me
wherever he's going.
wouldn't people there like me?
i'm so adorable,
who could resist me?
but does he really have to go
in the first place.
doesn't he want to stay home with me?
i hate mondays [among others]...


Twiggy & Goliath said...

Igraine, he leaves on Mondays to go out hunting for the fish & beef, & treats.

Twiggy & Goliath said...

Igraine, mybe he's a polygamist and has another cat?
- Goliath

IGRAINE said...

@ twiggy & goliath:
m,om, you better be right about this, 'cause i wouldn't put up with any shenanigans about another cat. i expect respect & his FULL attention...