so i'm a recidivist.
so what?
sue me if you don't like it!!
i've jumped in ticklebear's bathtub again,
this morning,
as he was getting ready to go out,
or something...
he didn't get upset or even nervous this time.
he just looked at me,
in the water,
& as i decided to get out of the tub,
he grabbed me
& wrapped me in a second towel
that had been hanging on the shower rod for a while now...
come to think of it,
i believe
it's been there since my 2nd dive....
i figure
the man was prepared for any eventuality this time.
he now expects me to just jump in before he does.
too funny!!!
but so much for the element of surprise.
i wonder
if i could make this a professional career?
would ticklebear be supportive?
you never know...
but if he's come to expect me to perform,
what else could i do
to impress him?
let me think...


linoue said...

Un-believable! R U Possessed by Sylvie Fréchette or something?

Dear mini-Ben, you are a cat not a fish. If you like water so much, perhaps you should try the sink, this way you won't drown.

IGRAINE said...

@ ma linoue:
the sink?
that's where ticklebear keeps all of his dirty dishes, including kives & forks. are you sure this is sound advice you're giving me? the tub seems safer to me.

linoue said...

Igraine repeat after me:
I am not a fish, I am not a dolphin, I am not a shark (fin wise not teeth wise)...


I mean U R a cat...got it?

PS cats can't fly!

IGRAINE said...

ok 'ma linoue!!
i'm not a dolphion,
i'm not a shark,
you are a cat,
'ma linoue...
is that alright now?!

linoue said...


IGRAINE said...

i repeated what you said!!
i know you're human,
but if you wanna be a cat,
knock yourself out!!