why do i keep falling for this?
i'm so easy!!
i got trapped in the carrier...again!!
not knowing where we were off to again...
i did not protest.
shame on me!!
it turns out
this was to be my first visit ever to the veterinarian.
i do not recommend going to such places kitties,
not at all.
the vet touched me & turned me in every which way.
come on!!
this girl would like to retain a shred of dignity!!!
& to add insult to injury,
the vet stuck not one but two needles in me.
poor little me!!
& despite my cries for help,
ticklebear seemed to be in connivence with the vet,
holding me down during the procedure.
shame on him!!!
the worst part is:
it will all happen all over again in a month.
yes, yes!!
i lie you not!!
i heard it from the vet's mouth.
it's no rumor;
it's a fact.
my precious self will have to endure all of this again...
if ticklebear can catch me this time!!
i'll give credit to the vet for something:
he said i was perfect!!!!!
i could have told him just that,
but it's nice to see
someone else notices.
i currently weigh in at 2.9 pounds.
perfect for my age!!
i am beyond perfect.
you have no idea!!!
& when i got home,
ticklebear must have felt a bit of guilt,
as he gave me not one,
but two treats!!!
quite unusual for him...
what a day it's been for me,
i tell ya'!!


linoue said...

Dear Igraine, I am so happy that you are a healthy and thriving kitten. Do you know you were the smallest of the litter? Your mom only had 6 "tetines" & U were oftenly left out, yes, yes U fought back by always trying to get Goliath'S (who was the bifggest of the litter) "tetine".

You are a determined and strong cat, and I am very happy that you now weigh 2 onces less than Goliath. I never would have let you go, you were my protected one, but I have trust in Ticklebear, you doing your cute number on the night he came to pick up Jerry (Toby), you had chosen him. Wise choice my dear, I could not have made a better one.
grandma linoue xxx

Twiggy & Goliath said...

Yep, the vet sucks!!! I got one shot, and myself have to go again in a few weeks. The only good thong is the ride in the box, great scenery, I actually saw a dog last time.
- Goliath

ps, how come your travel box has disco light? Man, I'm very envious here.

Twiggy & Goliath said...

The vet, not good, but if you find out where the vet keeps the treats and start acting a bit hyper...it sometimes is worth the visit.

IGRAINE said...

@ 'ma linoue:
let's just say i was the wild card that night, & it worked. like luther king, i had a dream!!

@ goliath:
how come i got two shots?
what is this?
the vet has a fetish for pain,
or what?!?

@ twiggy:
i got totally ripped off on that visit!!
two shots, & not treats. i might play so nice next time...