the man was none too impressed with me this morning...
i understand he was getting ready to go to work,
but he had just run his bath,
& i felt this urge.
the urge that i could accomplish something,
something i had never done before...

i ran out of my room
to enter the bathroom,
& with one leap,
(call it a leap of faith),
i landed directly in the bathtub!!!
i was so pleased with myself.
my dive was flawless,
hardly any splash,
& i did this with such grace!!

emilie heymans & sylvie frechette have nothing on me!!
move over girlz!!
& let the world see what igraine can do in the water!!!
i feel there's a whole new career in front of me...

i don't know
what pissed ticklebear off the most this morning:
the fact that he thought i might drown...
or the fact that
i got to use the bathtub first...
we'll never know now,
won't we?!?


Twiggy & Goliath said...

Igraine, I am so glad you have leraned to groom yourself and keep your coat shiny.


PS, I luv your psychedilc promo, you R A stAr

IGRAINE said...

i knew that!!!
as for cleaning, perhaps i should let ticklebear know next time i want to take a dive...