i pulled a fast one on ticklebear today,
& he was really not impressed with my stunt.
i'd heard this was a classic,
but i guess the man doesn't share my enthusiasm
for such things...


Twiggy & Goliath said...

It had to happen one day. Doing this is a kitten's passage to adulthood, just like humans when it comes to getting their driver's licence.

Twiggy & Goliath said...

Wow Igraine, you have to show me how to do it and end up with a wedding centerpiece like you did. Do you know you could actually sell your toilet paper sculptures, I see the artist in you.
-your bro, Goliath

IGRAINE said...

@ twiggy:
i doubt, from his reaction, that he'd see this as a "normal" rite of passage...

@ goliath:
it was cool,
but if i value my life,
i better not repeat this...
i do have survival instincts,
after all!!