i'm experiencing something new this week,
as windows are now open at home.
i can smell something:
this is my first spring,
as i turned 3 months-old yesterday.
it sure feels nice.
something makes my nose twitch.
ticklebear told me it might by the pollen
[or all of the dust raised by the traffic below].
& i can see the trees changing.
people change too.
they used to wear big clothes,
& now,
they bare their flesh.
is it alright to do something like that,
as much as i like ticklebear's plants,
[much to his dismay...],
i feel suddenly drawn toward the outside.
but from what i saw
from my bedroom's window yesterday,
it would be more than a leap of faith.
i think
i better stay home
& watch the wonders of nature happening
from above,
in my ivory tower.
but i can't be jaded about these things;
this is my first springtime!!
i'm feeling all giddy inside!!


Twiggy & Goliath said...

Tell me about it. The kitchen door is now opened, and I can smell outside from the big screen door. Yesterday I mad it out and explored the alley. grandma linoue was not happy and brought me back in (she held a bag of treats and shook it.

I will go out again!

Twiggy & Goliath said...

It's scary outside, I just went on the back balcony. There were noises and strange people, so I ran back inside. I prefer to look outside lying in a window frome.

IGRAINE said...

alright, my instinct tells me to stay inside, & i think this is really what i should do...