today is the man's birthday,
& i couldn't care less...
as long as it doesn't change anything in my routine,
that's alright.
but i'll give him some credit here:
he brought me gifts.
yes he did!!
i so deserve everything he gets me.
i can't say he lacks originality.
he brought me
a pacifier & a teethter,
things you give to a human baby...
does he think i'm a baby???
well, admitedly,
i'm still quite young,
it's true.
those things!!
i was not so impressed with the teether,
though it has a lovely shape
but not worth shit to play with.
on the other hand,
the pacifier is fun to throw around
& chew on.
but why is it called a pacifier?
is the man trying to tell me something here?
the man left the house,
to go with some friends,
to celebrate his birthday,
or so he told me.
can't trust what a man says nowaday,
now, can you?
& i hope that,
among those friends,
that it doesn't include this female
i vaguely remember seeing at 'ma linoue's house,
but who kept bugging me that other night.
he didn't tell me much
when he came back home,
but he did surprise me with some new toy:
a slinky!!
never saw that thing before,
but i'll admit i was intrigued.
i'll give the man an "E" for effort.
he is trying real hard to please me,
& that thought makes me very happy.

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