oh wow!!
i now see
the man can keep a secret,
as when he left,
he didn't hint to anything;
but upon his return,
i was pleasantly surprised to see
he was accompanied
by grandma linoue!!!
i hadn't seen 'ma linoue in weeks,
& i was sure glad to see her.
she let me chew on her toes & fingers,
much to my delight,
as this usually annoys the man...
she sang to me;
she even whistled!!
(THAT i could have done without...)
but i sure hope
she'll come by again real soon.


linoue said...

I was so glad to see my little mini-Ben (who is now full-sized Dame Igraine). How she grew, unbelievable, how she bites so hard w/such small teeth, unbelievable too.

Iam am glad I got to C U miss Igraine. I know you R in a good place and spoiled I might add (almost jealous here).
-grandma linoue

PS: tell your co-loc that my whistling is quite good actually!

IGRAINE said...

i meant no offense but,
talent can be a matter of taste...
just not mine...
but do come back to see us!!
luv ya!!


i've got nothing to do with this.
you take it out with your grand kid...
but visit whenever,
that i agree with.
you know where to find us!!