HE DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why do humans move things around all of the time?
as i was settling in,
he moved some things away.
the canadian armoire was moved to his bedroom,
& the chinese chest
is now in the living room.
didn't he trust me with his stuff?...

i got a new lamp...
which i've already wrecked...
this happened after ticklebear took this picture.
he wasn't too pleased,
& has put some stuff on it today
that smells just awful.
i guess
i deserved that...

i guess
i'll adjust to the new settings,
but i'll miss those hiding places.
where's a girl to go?!?


Twiggy & Goliath said...

you ahve your own room! What are you complaining about? Me I have to share the bed w/mama Twiggy & 'ma linoue. I can never get some peace & quiet.

IGRAINE said...

@ goliath:
look on the bright side:
you're never lonely.
ticklebear goes off to work.
yeah, i found out where it is he's always going to...
& you get to cuddle to go to sleep.
i'm on my own here...