i did what he did,
meaning i took my bath this morning,
(my 4th this month),
& how come
the man gets to leave home,
& i'm still stuck here?
what's so special about him?
is it a sexist thing,
because i'm a female???
is it a "human" thing?
humans can go whenever they want,
but pets are left behind?
all i can say so far is that,
i think the man is getting jaded with my baths.
he didn't even take a picture this morning.
is it that he's no longer impressed?
or maybe he was in too much of a rush
to be bothered with this...
he did leave quickly after that.
next time,
i'll also put on some perfume,
like he does.
maybe that'll earn me some credit,
& get me out the door,
won't it?!?


linoue said...

What's with the bathing obsession?

Igraine, you are a cat, do not need a daily bath. You are able to clean & groom yourself, that's what cats do.

Twiggy & Goliath said...

Dear Igraine, as your mom I am starting to worry I did not teach you dry grooming.

We are cats, we hate water (fascinated by it) but hate it. Stay away from the tub and as for the perfume, do not even try, it will not get you out the door, it will get you back in your room!
- Twiggy

IGRAINE said...

@ 'ma linopue:
i groom myself aplenty, even if the man laughs when i do it...

@ twiggy:
i don't mind the water so much...
as for the perfume, you speak from experience... or from observation?