i wish ticklebear would let me know in advance
when we have a visitor...
i got to meet "auntie vanti" today.
are they all crazy?
she's just like the man,
where's the fun in that?!?
what's a girl to chew on?!?
she did seem nice though.
i guess
i could give her a second chance...


Anonymous said...

Give ME a second chance? What for? Try to bite me again? Well let me tell you something honey: I'm bigger than you'll EVER be! Hehe!
And I'm not worried for you: you already have a LOT of things to have fun on, or chew... like your "man's" toes!?

Ciao bella, see you soon for another WRRAAAAWW! session!

Vanti xx

IGRAINE said...

@ auntie vanti:
yeah, but diversity is the spice of life, & i intend to taste it all, including you,
if you dare show up again...
i'll be expecting you, next time!!