i know,
i was away for a while...
this was not my idea,
but the man took me to the vet [again],
& the rest is a total blank.
when i came to,
my belly felt funny
& i've got staples on it now.
i don't know
what these are for,
but i hope they're not staying there forever
as they bother me somewhat...
my paws feel funny,
different somehow;
but then,
i feel weird all over.
i don't know what the vet did to me,
but i'm still whoozy.
i was so glad to see the man appearing tonight.
it felt likes things might get back to normal,
& it did,
as he took me home.
i was glad to see the buffet was back in my room.
salmon never tasted so good!!
i'm back home now.
home sweet home!
& i intend to stay there.
i'm not made for the outside world,
i guess..
strange things happen out there!


linoue said...

Was it 4 paws or 2????

IGRAINE said...

@ 'ma linoue:
"4 paws or 2???"
do you know something i don't?
my 4 paws feel different, that's for sure. but no more different than my belly. i've got metal staples there. i've just tried to pull one off, but ticklebear stopped me, saying it's there for only 12 days... "only", he said!! just goes to show he's not the one with this metal crap sticking out of his belly.
i think i need a heart-to-heart conversation with ticklebear, to really understand what happened to me at the vet...
somehow, you've made me suspicious of something...