one of the consequences of my last trip to the vet
is that i came back
with my pubis totally shaven!!
quite a new sensation for me!!!
i've gone brazilian...
where it used to be warm,
now it feels a bit chilly.
i think
i'll just stay inside for now...
until my fur grows back,
or until the weather gets comfortable enough
for this girl.
i feel a little too naked just now!!
not quite what i was expecting...



linoue said...

It is done?
Good for U Ticklebear.
As 4 U Dame Igraine, believe me, you are better off.

PS loved that video and Brazil version, thx.

IGRAINE said...

@ 'ma linoue:
"is it done?"
done what??
better off with what??
are you hiding something from me?
the video was ticklebear's idea.
he thought it might be a nice touch. i personally have never seen the movie, but he promised me we'd watch it some time together...

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

Aww, our little girl is looking all cute and endearing!

Igraine's a saint since she'll remain a virgin until the end of time :)

Crazy how we've all grown fond of her.

Good to have you back, St. Igraine of Brazil :)


@ wil:
the damn thing tries to pull on her stiches. because they're in metal, i was told at the clinic they would repel her. no, they don't!!!

IGRAINE said...

@ uncle wil:
i have an uncle?
i know i have many aunties,
but an uncle?
that's what happened to me:
sainthood, eh?!?
as for the brazilian thing-y,
it's only a phase.
i'm canadian,
& that fur is coming back,
see you again soon, uncle wil!!

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

@ Ticklebear: it's normal. Those little furry creatures can't help but mess with any thread they can lay their paws on.

Is she licking the wound?

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

@ dear St. Igraine: God knows I'm allergic to your fur, but of course I am willing to be your uncle. You got too many aunties. :p

Now, be a good girl and let your Brazilian waxing do its thing. It's summer season, so you will thank your poppa. :)

And, yes, we know you're Canadian. You just like exotic grooming :p And if that ticklebear bothers you (which is unlikely), just tell me and I'll give him a piece of my mind. He may have declawed you, but he forgot to declaw your uncle. *scratch scratch* :p

IGRAINE said...

@ uncle wil:
i have a virtual uncle!!
ticklebear is fine.
i can handle him.
he even let's me sleep with him now!!


@ wil:
careful what you're saying boy!!
i could extend you the courtesy...
of course she licks it,
despite the metal pieces.
i don't mind the licking
as i haven't noticed signs of irritation, but i don't like hearing her pulling on these things.
i don't know how quickly cat skin heals. i was told the stiches would be removed 12 days later...
it's gonna be a long way to get there, & i can't watch her 24/7.
que sera sera!!

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

@ Ticklebear: Would getting her an Elizabethan collar be a solution to her licking the stitches?

You know, the white collar cats have around their necks when/after they have surgery?

a pic of the collar in this link:


@ Igraine: he's a softie inside. He just had to get used to having a roommate :)


@ wil:
i was told it wouldn't be necessary... time will tell!
she does seem a bit calmer than before, being convalescent & all...

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

How is our international Igraine doing? are the stitches off?

IGRAINE said...

@ uncle wil:
ticklebear's busy right now, but he let me know that those things are coming off tomorrow afternoon.
i can't wait to have those off!!
it's not like i haven't tried removing them myself...

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

@baby girl: Glad you'll have them removed tomorrow :) You'll feel better off without them on.

Now, how did you learn to use a computer in such a short time? :p

IGRAINE said...

@ uncle wil:
when you live with a computer addict, i had time on my hands, & it's all watch & learn. he started me on this quite early on...
i daresay i'm as good as he is.

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

@ baby girl Igraine: Ah, that's refreshing! I bet you impress him with your courageous water plunges and your NO-fear of heights :)

Told ya from the get-go, all you gotta do is impress the heck outta him and he'll be at your manicured paws ;)

Does he know you're on the computer, BTW? :p

IGRAINE said...

@ uncle wil:
i don't know if i impress him, or, if i'm a source of headaches, since i see him taking tylenols often enough...
maybe it's not all about me, right?!?
as for me using his PC,
it's fine.
he's watching tv.
some stuff on HGTV...
is that queer enough for you?
yeah, i know what the word means...
caught him in front of his PC doing something weird...
thankfully, he doesn't like doing it in my presence.

Wilmaryad Ben O'Scallas said...

@ baby girl: I think he likes you and enjoys your company. :) You seem to have added some more happiness to his life. He devoted a WHOLE blog to YOU! If that's not love, I don't know what it is? :)

As for him dancing naked in front of the computer screen, it's for ART. You'll understand in some years :p

IGRAINE said...

@ uncle wil:
the blog was his idea, but it's MY blog. a lot of work, if you ask me...
i'm not addicted like he is, but it's a nice way to show where i'm at in my life & keep in touch with my loved ones.

as for his dancing, he keeps telling me the opposite, that "i'll NEVER know"!!!

as for happiness, he's always glad to see me & gives me all the hugz & want (& more...), & i'm glad to see him too, since my bowl always need to be replenished. i do have a big appetite!!