ticklebear enjoyed an evening outside with lucrecia,
but left me behind...
i did all i could to draw their attention,
so they would let me out,
but to no avail...
how dares he do this to me???


Twiggy & Goliath said...

Dear Igraine, beware of the screen. Last night Goliath & I were fighting for window space and along came, out of nowhere, a squirrel making a crazy sound.

Next thing we knew he was face to face w/us on other side of the screen, wanting to come in.

Ma linoue came screaming at him. She even hit the screen a few times w/a book. The squirrel just climbed onto top screen and screeched even louder.

I usually get to go outside, but ma linoue refused because our balcony was taken hostage by that agressive animal.

IGRAINE said...

squirrels are not really a concern here,
given the height i live on...
but there are pidgeons next door...