'ma linoue's decided to relocate further away from me...
& once in her new home,
she's been celebrating in style...
love the leopard print on that thing there.

but how could she subject my mother,
to this whole process?
selfish, i say it is!!
just look at her!!
she looks like a "katrina" refugee...
so sad!!
shame 'ma linoue!!
shame on you!!
& what about my bro,
what have you done with him???
i demand an answer,
i tell you...
can't trust them
as far as you can throw them.


linoue said...

Dear Igraine,
yes moving is not fun for humans and even less for cats.

Your ma Twiggy is doing fine. She adapted to the new location easily.

As for your bro Goliath, well. Honestly I thought he had escaped since I could not find him anywhere. He his under the bed lining for the first 24 hours.

Do not worry, he his fine now. He is behaving like a tornado again. Actually he is running and climbing on boxes as I am writting.

Both cats got their first taste of the backyard yesterday. They enjoy it. Twiggy made a friend, Goliath made an ennemy. Let's see how it goes... you might end-up^w/a half brother...I do not think their new friend has got a home. He shows up for breakfast & dinner. And sits on a balcony chair protected from the rain.

I shall send you a photo. Perhaps you can help me choose a name for him.
- grandma linoue

IGRAINE said...

@ 'ma linoue:
glad to hear goliath's doing fine.
a backyard?
sounds interesting...
all i have to contend with is a balcony.
as for the newcomer,
why not "le survenant",
or simply "venant"???