i feel like
the little mermaid trapped in alcatraz!!!
& here's why:
i'm officially under house arrest!!!
in my latest attempt
to explore the neighbor's balcony,
ticklebear found me out right away & called me home,
& as i tried to get back,
my rear leg slipped
& i fell off the balcony halfway,
practically giving the man a heart attack.
no need to precise i was grounded after that stunt.
but on sunday,
i managed to slip through the hole in the screen door
i had made during one of my numerous tantrums.
ticklebear wouldn't have any of this,
& sent me to my room for a while,
to think over my strategy
& our future together.
i haven't been outside since...
i guess i have only myself to blame for that one.
if only he hadn't seen me slipping,
he'd have been none the wiser,
but he did catch me in the act...

since i can't no longer go outside,
i decided to keep things interesting,
& this morning,
i took my 6th dive in the bathtub.
ticklebear took it rather well.
i presume he prefers my dives
to my going bungy jumping off the balcony,
i think i'm missing something here (???)...
an elastic perhaps???
he still caters to my every need
& cuddles me aplenty,
but i feel
i've lost his trust,
if only for a while,
i hope...
don't want to remain cooped up in here forever.


linoue said...

Ticklebear almost got a heart attack...well so did I reading about your stunt miss Igraine.

I am glad he grounded you. You should know better than to jump from balcony to balcony. Want to have a harness??? If you don't behave, that's what you will get Igraine, you leave the man no choice here.

Of course you had to jump in the tub again... wait 'til I tell your mom, she will not be happy.

Twiggy & Goliath said...

Yes Igraine, we are cats and like to explore.
The "9 lives" part about us, is just a myth...
If I saw you right now, I would ground you myself.

IGRAINE said...

@ 'ma linoue & twiggy:
yes, yes, i got it:
ticklebear finally relented this morning & let me outside, but he's improvised some kind of barrier to keep me from going on the other side.
not sure his barrier will suffice, but he keeps watching me. is this what they call "being out on parole"??