today's the first month anniversary
of igraine's departure...
if it was a shock that sent me reeling,
since then,
i've felt a need to commemorate the time
we've shared together.
i had a couple of ressources that i had thought of using
while she was alive,
but it all turned into a memorial instead...
it takes nothing away from the work they do,
and BTW,
they're in montreal, canada,
and they both ship internationally
& are quite affordable.
so, read on!!

an artist that does animal portraits;
a nice young artist,
very openminded to the needs of her customers.
this is what she did for igraine
& i am most delighted with it.
when she sent me the picture via email,
i teared up just by seeing the thumbnail,
& was totally pleased when i looked at it fullsized.
she delivered it yesterday
& i'll be getting the proper frame this weekend.
if you've got a cat,
she surely can produce the portrait
that will best represent your little darling.
the other ressource is
where you customize from cover to cover
the book that will hold the memories
you hold dearest.
the interface is user-friendly
& the service is beyond efficient.

there you have it,
my two ways of remembering igraine.
as i wrote at the end of her book,
"always remembered, forever missed".
may you find happier occasions to commemorate,
or like me,
make those difficult moments in life more bearable.



Lucrecia Bloggia said...

La portrait d'Igraine est tout simplement GÉNIAL!!!
C'est tout à fait elle!
Son regard, son museau... et le fait que l'artiste ait mis le fond du même rouge que ton sofa, où elle jouait si souvent, ajoute à l'aspect "personnel" de ce portrait.

Vraiment, bravo à l'artiste!!
Et mes félicitations à Ticklebear pour cette nouvelle acquisition!


@ la bloggia:
je fut enchante de mon experience,
& je lui ai dit que je ferais appelle a elle pour immortaliser carrie. j'attends un peu, histoire qu'elle grandisse & d'avoir un plu grand choix de photos. mais pour le portrait d'igraine, je m'en vais cette apres-midi chez omer deserres pour trouver un cadre. igraine ainsi pourra me regarder pendant que je suis sur le web, which is most of the time...